Know More About Different Types of Undermount Sinks for Kitchen


Kitchen is like the heart of a home. While choosing even the smallest of accessory for kitchen, people opt for the best option possible to redefine the beauty and luxury of their kitchen. Now, if you think about the most essential asset of any kitchen, then what could it be? Yes, you guessed it right! The sinks are the must have utility.

For those who prefer a seamless and classy look, this Undermount sink is a perfect fit. In comparison to traditional drop-in sink, it can be bolted to the bottom of kitchen countertop very neatly. So, you have enough space left on the top and it is easy to clean. However, while choosing your preferred style, it is important to pay attention to the material used, shape of the sink and budget.

In the following text, we are highlighting some of the most popular types of sink designs based on material:

  • Stainless Steel Sink

It is the most popular choice for being durable and attractive. It is extremely sanitary and affordable. Some of these have pop up drain and can easily be hung to the wall. In case of stainless steel sinks, buyers have a lot of options to choose from in terms of size and design.

  • Sinks Made of Stone

Sinks made of stone using materials like granite, soapstone or marble are also a convenient option. Such sinks are a perfect match for a modern day stone countertop. It can furnish a luxurious look to your kitchen. However, these are susceptible to scratches.

  • Glass Sink

Glass sinks have admirable looks; these do not rust or stain and are quite trendy. The only point of concern is that these need to be wiped off at regular intervals so as to avoid water spots.

  • Metallic Copper Sink

No doubt, these sinks are durable, germ-resistant and have unbeatable appearance, but a constant maintenance and care is required. Also, these are comparatively high priced and best suit the needs of high society people. These can even be painted according to the colors of your kitchen.

  • Solid Surface

If you have solid surface countertop, then placing a sink made from material like acrylic will be a good choice. It is lightweight, easy to secure under the countertop and relatively low priced.


Gone are the days when one used to visit a dozen stores to see different choices so as to make the right decision on what to purchase. Today, all you need to know about sinks is available on the Internet. You can grab a cup of coffee, sit in front of your PC and shop for your favorite.

So, get started right away to own a wonderfully designed undermount sink for your kitchen.


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